Robert L. Peters

10 February 2008

Of poems and poets…


Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba

All of my “free time” in the past few weeks and weekends has gone into the book of poetry I am currently editing/publishing, featuring some 200 works by Sam W. Reimer, a remarkable “ecstatic depressive” (his self-description) bard living in Vancouver. Our aim is to have the book on shelves by May… Here’s a taste test:

Impression: Along Molson Way

On the other side of this chain-link fence
along the tracks,

& morning-glories run in packs;
plethoras of thorns & unkempt petals,
pretty poisons
& tongues of dust-green leaves ply the ravine;
wilding as well Long tall grasses

& ferns deceptively indelicate &
dense-pack blocks of blackberry brambles
bully everything else off the would-be boulevard.

Give the earth just a crack at the city
& gardens grow in gangs,

& morning-glories run in packs.

. . . . .

©2008 Sam W. Reimer (1949 –    )

The photo is of Sam on a visit in June, 2006.

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