Robert L. Peters

10 March 2009

Swiss books…





Confoederatio Helvetica

Bibliophiles and typophiles alike will enjoy this richly annotated collection of “book (design) stories”—from new typography to swiss stylehere (with a full index showing the nearly 600 titles here). Takes me back to growing up in Basel-Land (just a few km from Münchenstein, where Helvetica was designed) in the early 1960s…

Images (from top): Stile Olivetti designed in 1961 by Walter Ballmer; Typographische Mitteilungen, 1925, by Jan Tschichold; Der Film, 1960, by Josef Müller-Brockmann, Jörg Hamburger, and Serge Stauffer; and Pontresina (ski-resort map) designed ca. 1935 by Emil Schultheiss.

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