Robert L. Peters

11 June 2010

The real nuclear threats…


London, U.K.

As anyone who visits this blog already knows, I hold pacifist views which I am prone to express in posts (as well as fireside conversation, and occasionally street protests) from time to time. I’m also not a fan of the use of nuclear energy in any form, least of all to create bombs and weaponry (as I have posted previously, here, here, and here for example).

That said, it really rankles me to hear the ongoing stream of dishonest and hypocritical rhetoric on this topic emanating from Washington (and Jerusalem, etc.), now leveled at Iran and North Korea—since Iraq can no longer be fingered. Any reasonably objective citizen of our planet can quite clearly see where the real nuclear threats lie. The above illustration (by The Times) underlines graphically, and with little bias (for a change), the real lay of the land as regards current nuclear proliferation.

Thanks to friend Filip Spagnoli for the source.

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