Robert L. Peters

29 October 2009

Time to play tourist…







Beijing, China

Today Ev and I linked up with about a dozen other Icograda delegates from various countries for a full-day guided outing (by means of a mini-van commandeered by our unstoppable guide ‘Sally’) to the north of the city, taking in a portion of the Ming Tombs (where 13 Ming Dynasty emperors are buried); lunch (replete with rigorous “everything you need to know about jade” instruction) at a government-owned jade factory; and then an afternoon ascending a portion of the Great Wall of China (Badaling section) along with several thousand others. The weather was outstanding (though a bit hazy for good photos) and we felt fortunate to take in this outstanding experience in the good company of friends. A fine day we won’t soon forget…

Photos: The ubiquitous security, here at the entrance of one of the tomb buildings; a photo of Mao at the very same spot taken the year I was born (notice the same tree to the right); Sally with yellow flag in hand trying to rally our troupe of designers (a bit like herding cats) in the Ming Tomb courtyard; a skilled jade carver (without proper eye, mouth, or ear protection)—Ev and I each ended up acquiring custom-carved seals featuring our respective initials; Ev on the Great Wall (alongside my good friend Gediminas Lasas from Lithuania); yes, it’s crowded at the top—and according to Chairman Mao, once you’ve been to the very top of the wall you can truly be called a “hero.”

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