Robert L. Peters

14 January 2008

What? Clay Art & Curios


Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba

My beautiful girlfriend Evelin Richter is a talented ceramist. This past year she “hung out a shingle” and officially launched her home-studio business under the name ‘What? Clay Art & Curios.’ Well traveled, a lifelong bookworm, and an avid nature lover, Ev’s works draw on diverse stimuli triggered by wonder, cultural enigma, and erotic surprise. Inspired by “the vagaries of nature and the human condition,” her characteristic ceramic style is typified by an engagingly tactile “sense of play” and an expressive “exploration of the curious.” Ev’s creations are in various private collections, she fulfills commissions, and her pieces are available through select galleries. Contact Ev via her website here. Read a backgrounder (4.8 MB PDF re: Ev and her new studio) here.

Shown above is a sampling of Ev’s recent work featuring low-fire glazes.

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